The Rental Industry and Cruzin Coolers

coolerrace1_rental1Cruzin coolers are now being used for many other purposes besides just lightweight transportation and of course the insulated storage area. You have to admit that the more things people can do the happier they are. Adding riding coolers to your rental fleet is cost effective and fun for the whole family.

Racing Cruzin Coolers are great for closed course races and inflatable bordered tracks. We recommend the 300 watt units for racing because of their light weight, low cost and limited torque. They are cost effective and allow for extra batteries to be added to the front compartment for additional run time. They can be quick charged with a car charger if quick repeated use is needed. A lot of people are just looking for something different to do and the cooler races are just the thing. Speed is about 13mph, which is about the speed of someone running and they are fun to ride, as most of you know. We will also be providing alternate foot peg designs to give the pegs a longer life.

dwnkoln1_rental2Mobility rentals are also an option where Cruzin Coolers can be rented to people who do not want to walk, but are not disabled, there is a difference here. You must be able to put your feet down if you need to stop quickly or if the brakes fail, although we have never heard of this happening. Basically, Cruzin coolers are designed for people who have use of their legs but do not want to walk or cannot walk long distances, back problems, etc.

Cruzin Coolers are cheaper to buy and maintain than most other scooters, and about 1/3 the weight.




Day rentals. The 1000 watt is perfect for day rentals where you might see those other 2 wheeled upright really expensive scooters. The battery life is about 6-10 hours, depending on driver weight, terrain and speed. The batteries can be easily exchanged with our new “drop in” technology. This keeps the cooler from being parked while charging and basically allows continued use. No need to park the 1000 watts for charging, just switch out the battery.


Cruzin Coolers will soon be everywhere replacing the old scooters, outdated electric wheelchairs (they just ain’t cool) and the “way to expensive” upright 2 wheeled scooters. Look for them popping up on golf courses, in malls and just cruzin around…….

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