We can't say enough about the trailers. Pinned construction for easy disassembly, four pneumatic tires, rack and pinion steering and can be used with or without a Cruzin Cooler. Yea, we know cool....


  1. Can you hook up more than one in a series? You betcha.

  2. How many can you hook together? As many as you can pull.

  3. Can kids ride in them? Due to rampant litigation stupidity we have to say no. Will people do it anyway? Yes. Is that dangerous? Eating a carrot is dangerous to a degree. Always use low speeds when pulling a trailer, regardless of the load. If you do use it for children, against our advice, they need helmets and body protection and use low speeds and the safety chain, always.

  4. Can you put a seat back and seat on them? Yes.

  5. Will there be trailer options? as sure as there are bears in the woods or beans in Mexico. How about a barbeque insert? A mini hot tub? We have too much free time here.

  6. How do they hook together? The trailers have a handle which disconnects in the middle to allow the handle base to hook directly to a Cruzin Cooler with a pin.

  7. When and where can I get one? Soon and probably at most major store chains.


The trailer comes with the standard extra long handle for easy towing, shown above. 

Foot pegs and a trailer hitch in the rear is standard equipment for the new trailers.

Notice the quick pin connector which connects the upper and lower handle together, shown above. When removed the trailer readily hooks up to the powered coolers using the same quick connector pin.

All exterior surfaces are plated, painted, aluminum or chromed to prevent rust and oxidation.

All trailers can also accept the seat and seat back as shown on the left.

The trailers are versatile and can run with or without the lid, allowing them to act like an open wagon or as an ice chest.

If you want your local store to start handling the new wagon coolers let them know and give them the web site.


Cruzin Cooler............


Cool, very cool








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