What is the range of the coolers?
Range all depends on the drivers weight, the terrain (if it is flat or up and down hills), the speed driven and also the model chosen. All of these factors change the run time. The electric runs from 30 minutes to 4 hours, again depending on the driving parameters.
Are replacement parts available?

This is one of our biggest target areas for complete customer satisfaction. We stock replacements parts for your cooler, see the Parts Page under the Cruzin Shop tab. Parts are recommended to be ordered online to be sure that you can verify the parts you are ordering.

How do I clean my cooler?
The outside body and storage compartment of the Cruzin Cooler® may be cleaned with warm soapy water or any household cleaner. Do not get water in to the motor area. This could cause failure of electric components. Wipe down your motor and motor area with normal motor cleaning products. DO NOT USE alcohol, solvents, alcohol-based products, or ammonia based products. The products may melt or discolor plastics and decals.
What normal maintenance is required for my cooler?
  1. Check the tires for wear and proper inflation. If the tire pressure is too low it could cause the cooler to run slow and might drag the bottom over small obstacles. The tires are inflated to high they may hit the brackets or explode. Inflate to the maximum pressure rating of the tire as shown on the sidewall.
  2. Be sure the front steering lock ring is secure and there is no play in the alignment of the “T” bar and the fork.
  3. Check the rear wheel bearings and front wheel bearings for wear and tear.
Is my cooler covered by a warranty?
Breebb, Inc. warranties products to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of 120 days from the date of original purchase. This warranty does not cover wear and tear, tires, tubes, brakes or cables, water damage to any part of the unit, overloading, physical damages or failure from misuse. This limited warranty is issued to the original purchaser only and proof of purchase must be provided with all warranty service claims. If there is a defect in workmanship or materials during the warranty period, we will repair, replace or refund the product, at our option. This warranty is voided if the product is used in a manner other than for what it was designed for, modified in any way, overloaded, leased or rented, used for racing or for off road purposes, unreasonably used, improperly assembled, or damaged by accident, negligence, or misuse. Do not modify or alter the speed or power of the motor of the vehicle. All modifications immediately VOID the warranty of the unit. The manufacturer is not liable for incidental or consequential damages or losses due directly or indirectly from the use of this product. THIS LIMITED WARRANTY EXCLUDES shipping costs, compensation for all inconvenience or loss of use, any consequential or incidental damages. RETURNS must be authorized by Breebb, Inc., must be within the warranty period and must be returned to our facilities for repair, replacement or refund. This limited warranty expires 120 days after the purchase date, and Breebb, Inc. will not cover defects or damages to the Cruzin Cooler® or components. If you  have problems with your unit you can either call Cruzin Cooler® at 800-359-5199 or email service@cruzincooler.com.
What about registration?
It is critically important to register your cooler for your warranty, for service information and for any safety issues that may develop! There could be some new accessories or a critical safety change that you need to be aware of. There are two ways to register; you can either register your cooler by email to register@cruzincooler.com, or by mailing the registration form to the address on the enclosed card.
Is it legal to operate a cruzin cooler?
The Cruzin Cooler® may or may not be legally operated on public roads. Operation on public property thoroughfare (roads and highways) is governed by Federal, State and Local laws. You should contact local law enforcement offices where you are going to be operating your cooler to determine if operation is legal. This cooler might or might not be legal in some cities or counties around the US to operate on public property or road ways; therefore it is up to the operator to check on the legality of the operation of these coolers in their area. It is possible that they may be legal in one city and against the law in another. Many jurisdictions may allow the Cruzin Cooler ® to be operated in the same class as disabled person’s vehicles. It is solely the responsibility of the operator to find out if it is legal to operate the cooler at any particular location. Confirm local jurisdiction laws before use.

Safety and Operation

How much weight can my cooler really take?

We recommend a maximum of 300 lbs including your cargo. If you weigh more that 200 lbs and want a cooler we recommend that you get a 800watt electric instead of a 250watt. Our coolers have steel frames inserted into the body to help support heavier loads. 

What important safety information should I know about my cooler?
The Cruzin Cooler® is an inherently dangerous motorized vehicle. Extreme caution must be used when operating the vehicle. Each unit is designed and rated for operation by only one person. Vehicle operators may suffer serious injury or death while driving a Cruzin Cooler®. Extreme caution must be exercised when operating a vehicle.

Each driver must wear an approved helmet and protective gear while driving a Cruzin Cooler®. All driver/operators must wear closed-toe, rubber-soled shoes while driving a Cruzin Cooler®, so that he can use his feet to stop the vehicle in the event of an emergency. Persons under 16 years of age should not operate the vehicle.

The Cruzin Cooler® is specifically designed for operation on flat, level, paved surfaces only. Any terrain grade is considered an unsafe condition, especially downhill grades, and may cause the unit to run at an unsafe speed.

A Cruzin Cooler® is designed in 3-wheel and 4-wheel models; the 4-wheel base model is more stable than the 3-wheel model. Extreme caution must be observed for unit instability and possible accident when operating a 3-wheel model. .

Vehicle brake systems must be inspected by the operator/driver prior to each use, and the brake system requires periodic adjustments as explained in this manual. Do not open the battery pack for any reason. Do not insert objects into the battery pack.

A new Cruzin Cooler® is shipped with an assembly kit that contains small screws, nuts, tools and other small parts. These small parts pose a choking hazard for children. Keep children away from assembly area when assembling your Cruzin Cooler®.

What steps should I take before operating my cooler?
Charge the battery pack completely on your new cooler prior to your first use. Simply plug in the charger to the battery pack. DO NOT FORCE THE CONNECTOR! The charger light should be red and then turn to green when it is fully charged. Packs are shipped with a partial charge. Your charger is designed to cut off after a full charge, however, you should never leave the charger on your unit more than overnight. You must disconnect the charger from the unit in order for the unit to operate, and your unit will not operate when the charger is plugged in.

Check tires for proper inflation as indicated on the tire

Do not operate under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

When operating, always wear protective gear including an appropriate protective helmet and close toed, rubber soled shoes.

No person under the age of 16 should operate a Cruzin Cooler®.

Always follow the weight limits for your Cruzin Cooler®. The operator/driver must confirm that the total load of the operator and cooler contents are within the maximum capacity of the unit. Those specifications are shown in Section 15—Technical Specifications.

Avoid riding in an area that is beyond the design of the unit. Avoid high-traffic or congested areas where you are smaller than other vehicles and might be hard to see and be seen.

How do I operate my cooler?
Turn on the on/off switch located on the rear plate. It should turn red and the lights on the handlebars should also turn on.

Check your brakes by squeezing the brake lever. You can adjust the brake tension by shortening the cable in the back by loosening the cable clamp bolt and taking slack from the cable. You can also fine adjust the brakes from the threaded nut on the brake lever assembly by turning clockwise facing the end of the brake handle, which effectively expands the sleeve thereby shortening the cable.

To engage your cooler, twist the right handle grip (throttle) towards you. Start off slow to get familiar with the driving characteristics of your new cooler. Return the grip to its original position by twisting the grip away from you to decrease speed .

AVOID HOLES AND BUMPS. The Cruzin Cooler® is designed for operation on smooth, level surfaces, free from holes and obstacles. These units have a low clearance and are limited as to what they will go over.

NEVER TURN YOUR COOLER SHARPLY Turning too sharply at any speed could cause the cooler to tip on its side, causing damage to the unit and injury to the operator/driver.

Stop the unit as gradually as possible. Always keep a safe stopping distance between you and other objects. Applying sudden or excessive braking force may cause the rider to pitch forward. This may cause an accident with damage to the cooler and injury to the operator/driver.

If the unit tips over to either side or forward, DO NOT JUMP OFF. Brace your feet on either side of the ground and release throttle immediately.

What safety precautions should I take while riding my cooler?
Do not operate a Cruzin Cooler® without both hands on the steering handles. Slight road imperfections could initiate the front wheel to shake or cause the wheel to turn unexpectedly.  

Do not ride with any loose objects attached to the handlebar or any other part of the Cruzin Cooler®.

Do not ride while intoxicated or while using medications which might make you impaired.

Do not “ride double.” The Cruzin Cooler® is designed to carry only one rider on a single unit.

Do not modify or alter the speed or power of the motor of the vehicle. All modifications immediately VOID the warranty of the unit.

What are some limitations my cooler may have?
The Cruzin Cooler® is not indestructible. If you misuse your Cruzin Cooler®, it can be damaged by stress or fatigue. Any damage can drastically reduce the life of the internal frame, fork, or components. The Cruzin Cooler® is designed to withstand only “normal” riding. The following riding practices apply high stress, increase the risk of damage to your Cruzin Cooler® and increase the risk of injury to the operator/driver:

  • Driving over obstacles and rocks
  • Jumping your Cruzin Cooler®
  • Performing bicycle stunts
  • Competitive riding
  • Off-road riding
  • Impacts or crashes
  • Any abnormal riding
  • Multiple riders on a single unit

Each of these practices increases the stress on every part of your Cruzin Cooler®. Frames or parts under high stress may fatigue prematurely, causing them to break and increasing the risk of injury to the operator/driver.


The unit does not go, what should I do?
There are two fuses in these units. One in the exterior charge plate area (this may be changed to a circuit breaker) and one in the electronic controller inside the cooler where all of the wires converge. Check these first. If they are good check your battery connections. If they are good you will need to get a voltmeter to check your power at the motor and at the batteries. Ohm out the motor. If it is good your problem lies in the throttle or the controller.
The gas unit won't start, what should I do?
We keep a small can of starting either handy to make cold starting easier. All 2 cycle motors may take a few pulls to get going, but with all of our test units we have always got our coolers started. To start your cooler use the following procedure:

  1. Pump the primer bulb under the carburetor.
  2. Move the choke leave up to choke the carburetor.
  3. Turn the throttle all the way to maximum and pull start cord.
  4. If it does not start after a few pulls you can spray a little either close to the air cleaner.
The electric unit won’t start, what should I do?

1. The light on the back does not light up when I flip the switch. Look for a loose wire or a tripped reset breaker. The light is the first thing that gets power from the battery. If the light turns on at the handlebars the light in the switch may be burned out.

2. The red light is on in the back but the lights are not coming on at the throttle. Look for a loose wire to the throttle up front.

3. The charger never turns red when I plug it in, just stays green. Check for loose wire at the charger port. You may have a bad charger or ECM (Electronic Control Module). You can use a volt meter to check the output of the charger compared to the output printed on the charger. It should be about 2V higher.

4. The light in the back is on and also the red light on the throttle but it won’t go. Be sure you are not depressing the brake and that the charger is unplugged from the unit. Check for loose wiring. Use a volt meter to check the battery voltage into the ECM to be sure it is the rated voltage of your unit. If no power, ohm breaker and check wires at battery terminals.

5. The lights on the handlebars turns yellow only after a few minutes of riding and the light turned green on the charger. More than likely you have a bad cell in a battery; otherwise it is the charger or ECM. Check voltage from your charger and also check the voltage to the MOTOR from the ECM to see if you get a big drop from the battery or the output when the throttle is depressed. If the voltage from the battery input to the ECM stays close to the output voltage to the motor you have a bad battery. You can have the batteries checked free at most auto parts stores and battery stores.

How to charge my cruzin cooler?
A. Turn off the power switch on your cooler before connecting the charger to a power source.                                             

B. Plug the charger into the Cruzin Cooler® or the battery pack first and then into a wall outlet. A red light on the charger will come on while the batteries are charging. Once the charge is complete the light will turn green.                                                                                

C. The charger will need 6-8 hours of charging to reach the full battery capacity if unit is completely dead.  

D. Unplug charger from unit and place rubber socket protector back over charging port.                                                          

E. The unit will not operate with the charger plugged into the back of the cooler.                                                                         

F. 300 and 500 watt models are 24V and the 1000’s are 48V. Using the incorrect charger can cause irreparable damage to the batteries. Check the label on the back of the charger and see the OUTPUT voltage.                                                                 

G. The battery packs have a separate charger port so they can be charged outside of the unit. This allows the use of a backup battery while the other one is charging.                                                                                                             

H. CAUTION! Do not leave your charger charging more than overnight. Place the charger and the battery pack on non-combustible surfaces and keep the cooler away from other combustibles and fuels when charging.

My unit is under warranty and it won’t start, what should I do?
Follow the steps above first. Current service and repair information can be obtained online under Technical Support. If you still have problems with your unit you can either call Cruzin Cooler® at 800-359-5199 or email service@cruzincooler.com.
What do I do if I wrecked my cooler and it needs service?
Like any mechanical device, especially one you ride on, accidents occur, most of the time your Cruzin Cooler will probably be just fine. If however you damage your cooler beyond normal repair you can ship it to our service center. We will call or email you a quote to repair or replace your cooler.
What if my unit needs service or repair?
The most current service information can be obtained online under Technical Support. We have service facilities throughout the United States and around the world. Please go to Service Providers to see the authorized repair facilities. We always recommend that the owner keep the original box and paperwork/ proof of purchase in the event that the cooler needs to be sent in for service. Email service@cruzincooler.com for questions.
I noticed a problem with the battery, what should I do?
Do not open the battery pack for any reason. Do not insert objects into the battery packThe batteries in your unit are sealed lead-acid batteries. If you notice a leak or crack in a battery dispose of it immediately, according to local disposal of hazardous waste laws.
My cruzin cooler is seems to be slower than usual?
1. Check to make sure all wheels are turning freely. The rear power wheel will have some resistance but be sure the brakes are not hanging up. If so adjust them so the wheel turns freely. The larger nut on the brake allows the brake to move from side to side. You may need to adjust this to keep the brake caliper from rubbing the side of the brake disk.

2. Low tire pressure will run the batteries down quickly! Be sure tires are filled to the maximum specified on the wheel.

Why do I hear a clicking sound when I drive?
Is probably a bad bearing. Could be a bent tooth on drive gear, or a loose gear on the motor or bent chain guard.
How do I assemble my cooler?
Unpack the box and check for the following components (Keep the box if you ever need to return the cooler for service):

  • Cooler body with motor and lid.
  • Lower front fork with tire
  • Upper steering “T” bar assembly, with lower clamp and locking cam
  • Packet with Tool Kit Registration Card and Owner’s Manual
  • Charger
  • Brake Caliper*
  • Spring*

                *Some models may come with the caliper and spring already attached*

Leave the Battery pack disconnected while assembling your unit.

-Small screws, nuts, or tools may be involved in the assembly. These may be a choking hazard. Please keep small children away while assembling your unit.


Depending on your model Cruzin Cooler®, your unit may come with the brake caliper unattached. Follow the following steps to attach your brake caliper.

       STEP 1: Locate the following parts:

  1. Bake Caliper
  2. Spring

       STEP 2: Remove any loose objects from inside the cooler. Turn the cooler upside down so to have easier access to bracket where you will mount the caliper. Locate the bracket right of the drive assembly with the two holes. With the caliper in the position where the arm is up pointed towards you, locate two bolts that align with the bracket.

       STEP 3: Remove the two bolts from the caliper. Place the caliper so that the brake pads “bite” the brake disk and the threaded bolt holes sit between the brake disk and the mount bracket. Feed the bolts through the bracket and screw onto the caliper.  

       STEP 4: Locate the brake wire cable coming out of a black, thick sleeve. Locate the knob at the bottom of the caliper with a hole that goes through the knob. Feed the wire through the knob going into the larger of the two holes and out through the smaller hole. The cable sleeve should fit snuggly into the larger hole on the knob. Place the spring on the cable.

       STEP 5: Loosen the nut on the bolt at the end of the brake caliper arm. Feed the wire cable through the hole on the neck of the bolt. Remove any slack on the cable causing the arm to stay contracted. Tighten the nut on the bolt to hold the wire in place. This is at “Tension 0”.

       STEP 6: Turn the Cruzin Cooler® right side up. Brake tension may be increased at this point to the riders preference by adjusting the cable wire further on the caliper arm. Once the preferred tension is establish, feed the remaining cable wire back through the spring.


Your Cruzin Cooler® comes with the front end assembled. Follow the following steps to attach the assembly to the cooler.

       STEP 1: Locate the following parts:

  1. Front Fork with Tire
  2. Upper steering “T” bar assembly, with lower clamp and locking cam

       STEP 2: Slide the lower fork assembly into the front mount bracket on the front of the cooler from the bottom, sliding in an upward motion until safety clip latches the fork into place. If safety latch does not catch, the front end may come loose while riding and could cause damage or serious injury.

       STEP 3: Turn the fork so the angled side of the fork is facing the cooler and the straight side is facing forward.

       STEP 4: Slide the lower “T” bar piece onto the fork assembly, so the smaller of the two slots at the top of the tube faces forward. Aligning the slot on the bottom of the lower “T” with the center front of the fork assembly, add the steering lock ring around the lower, wider portion of the 2 joining pieces with the adjusting bolt facing the cooler. Do not tighten the clamp around the lower “T” bar at this time.

       STEP 5: Remove the small screw on the “T” bar lock cam using the screw driver from your tool kit. This is the clamp with the swing arm. With the ridge on the inside of the cam sliding into the shortest groove at the top of the tube, slip the “T” bar lock cam onto the upper “T” bar. Replace the screw in the lock cam lining the screw hole up with the uppermost round cutout—do not tighten. Then place the upper “T” bar into the lower “T” bar so the holes for the handles are facing forward and the long groove on the upper “T” bar slides over the ridge inside the cam. Tighten screw (over tightening the screw may cause the upper “T” bar to stick.) When the cam arm is closed, the arm of the cam should point forward. Adjust the upper “T” bar to the desired height. Close the arm of the cam to lock the upper “T” in place. If the tension of the cam is too loose or too tight, the arm will not close. Adjust the tension on the cam via the nut opposite the arm cam. Square the upper “T” bar with the bottom fork. Tighten the lower clamp with a hex key from your tool pouch.

       STEP 6: Insert the throttle into the right side of the “T” bar. Insert the brake into the left side of the “T” bar. The handlebars must be inserted completely into the “T” bar lock holes. Failure to Fully engage the handles into the “T” bar may cause serious injury.


I want to be a distributor, what do I do?
Contact our sales department by email to: sales@cruzincooler.com
I want to be a retailer, what do I do?
Contact our sales department by email to: sales@cruzincooler.com
I want to be a service center, what do I do?
Contact our service department by email to: service@cruzincooler.com
Where are the Cruzin Coolers made?
They are made at several factories in China. Most of the components were already made there and this was the only way to get the costs of production down to make them feasible for sales in the US markets.
What else is coming from Cruzin Coolers?
Lots of cool stuff, new bigger coolers, new accessories, new trailers, decals. There are so many new products in development you will be amazed. Keep checking the web site.
Does Breebb, Inc other any other mobility products?
Yes, we manufacture the Current Coaster, click here for more information.