Introducing the All NEW! Coolagon PA (Party Animal)

Don’t leave the party behind. Take it with you! From, the creators of the Cruzin Cooler the company that is known for fun with a cooler, the new 4 wheel, introduces the coolest cooler yet. The all new Coolagon PA (Party Animal) this cooler is a game changer. Forget your boring, old cooler that’s difficult to move and only cools your food and drinks. Coolagon PA lets you tailgate, go to the beach or spend the day at the park in style by combining 44-quarts of cooling with a grill easily detachable, open a beer while cooking up burgers, charge phone with solar panel USB port while you eat on the foldable table in the shade of the attached umbrella.

* Attaches to the Cruzin Cooler
* Charcoal Grill
* 4 Wheel Design
* Bottle Opener
* Solar Panel USB Port
* 44-Gallons of Awesome
* Storage Box
* Extendable Handle
* Deep Groove
* Umbrella Holder
*Cutting Board with Table
*Available in Black or Red

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