24V Extended Time Battery Pack


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24V Battery for all 250, 300, and 500 watt coolers – Main or backup

  • 250-300-500 Watt spare battery
  • Weight 45lbs.
  • Lead-Acid 24V drop in Battery!
  • Run time 4-10 hours*
  • Recharge 4-6 hours

Kit comes with Battery Pack and Power Cord with splitter to add your existing battery. It is plug and play setup. This Kit can be used with either the 51 Sereis or the 52 Series.

* All ride times depend on terrain, speed, driver weight, tow weight and grade.


The battery drops into the front end of your cooler and has a plug that allows you to plug the battery pack directly into the ECM (Electric Control Module). You can also add your existing battery to the system by plugging into the splitter provided. This setup requires that you cut a notch or make a hole in the wall for the cord to go through so that it is not smashed or cut by the lid.


(Above: Extended Battery Pack installed in front.)


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