Car Charger Adapter


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Charge Your Cruzin Cooler from Your Car!

The Cruzin Cooler car charger quickly charges your Cruzin Cooler while you drive on trips, are parked or even as you drive around town! Extend your cooler’s daily range by adding charge from your car’s cigarette lighter. Great for travel or when near your car. The Cruzin Cooler 110V car charger extends your battery life by keeping your cooler battery charged.

The Cruzin Cooler car charger has all of the advanced features needed to quickly and safely charge your cooler’s battery. Has high 2.1 Amp 110V output for Sealed Lead-Acid battery chargers.

Our technology will prevent over discharging your car battery!!!

Car Charger Adapter

  • Works for all units
  • Small size
  • Plugs into any cigarette lighter
  • Super high charge rate 2.1 amps!