Repair Videos

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How to identify a 50 series from a 51 series cooler?
About the back panel components and identifying components and removal.
The configuration of the 51 series cooler and components.
The wiring for the controller and what they go to Part 1.
The wiring for the controller and what they do Part 2.
All about the batteries and how to see if they are good.
How batteries are wired in series to make more volts.
The brake caliper, how to remove and reinstall & adjusting the brakes.
How to check the brake switch
How to adjust the chain alignment.
Clicking noise and chain tentioner/motor removal and replacement.
All about the chargers
All about the circuit breaker
All about the controller wiring
Troubleshooting electrical problems, Part 1
Troubleshooting electrical problems, Part 2
Troubleshooting electrical problems, Part 3
What if it stops and starts suddenly or is eratic?
Removing the motor assembly, Part 1
Removing the motor assembly, Part 2
Reassembling the motor assembly, Part 3
Cooler humming, barely moving or real slow
.What are causes of excessive heat in motor compartment?
How the coolers motor compartment is configured
Overview of most common problems
If the cooler will not take a charge or is slow after a charge
Breaking down rear end and left tire removal and reinstallation
Breaking down right tire, brake caliper, chain removal and adjusting hub.
The hub and how to adjust the chain alignment
My cooler will not stop running.
Causes of burning or melting wires, adjusting the brakes.
Adjusting the brakes continued and the white jumper to slow down coolers.
About changing throttles and the connectors, 50 and 51 series.
About actually changing the throttles from new to old or vice versa
Changing a tire
Wires melting, other causes.
If you find white powder inthe bottom of your cooler.


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